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Non special record test of 1. countries

2. risk material:

Two glycoll, two oxane, phenol, methanol, acrylamide, pesticide residue and so on.

3. specific projects

Vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, preservatives, glucocorticoids, antibiotics, sulfonamides, patches, and anticorrosion challenges.

4. efficacy test: (in vitro) skin repair and regeneration, skin barrier repair, skin moisturizing function, compact anti wrinkle, in vitro photoaging resistance, in vitro whitening effect, and in vitro anti-inflammatory effect of Shu Min.

(human) moisturizing, skin color change evaluation, anti wrinkle / anti aging evaluation, (human) freckle function evaluation, moisturizing effect evaluation, (human body) long wave ultraviolet index (PFA) test, (body) cosmetics sunscreen index SPF test and so on.


1. nonspecial record testing;

2. risk material:

Nitrosamines, PH, two glycoll, two oxane, phenol, methanol and so on.

3. specific projects:

The surface active agent, anti dandruff agent, Hair Coloring agent, androgens, thioglycolic acid and its salt, preservatives, minoxidil, cantharidin, nitrogen mustard, patch, preservative challenge;

4. function test: (in vitro) Shu Min anti-inflammatory effect evaluation, effect evaluation, shampoo (human) (human) oil control effect evaluation, (human) anti dandruff effect evaluation, moisturizing effect evaluation (body)

1.Non special record test

2. risk material:

Asbestos, two glycoll, two oxane, phenol, solvent residue and so on.

3. specific items: stability test, element screening, titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, patch;

4. efficacy test: (human body) digital imaging, sensory evaluation;


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